Friday, August 24, 2012

3 Back-to-School Items

Somehowand I can barely believe itsummer is over and school starts back up on Monday. A trip to Target the other day made me realize I miss back-to-school shopping, so here are a few items on my back-to-school wish list:

Granted, I probably don't need any of these items, but a few of them would be particularly nice to have.

The Keylet, for example, would solve the too-many-items-for-my-front-pocket dilemma. I already have a slim, card-holding money clip that I keep in my front pocket instead of carrying a wallet, but it doesn't hold keys like the Keylet does, and keys are probably the worst offender when it comes to hogging pocket space.

The iPad Smart Case isn't something I need just yet, but if my current case (the Devicewear Ridge) continues deteriorating the way it has over the first few months I've had it, I may have to go back on the market for an iPad case. I've read mixedbut mostly positivereviews about the Smart Case since Apple launched it back in June, but for me the cons (easy to tip over in the upright viewing position and not having a rigid back plate) aren't as significant as the pros (thin and lightweight design, full coverage of the iPad's back and corners, a strong magnetic seal, and easy to hold in reading position).

I wouldn't mind tossing my Smart Case-covered iPad into the Everlane Snap Backpack along with a few Moleskin notebooks, the Nalgene On-The-Fly water bottle, and a Hobo Knife, for when I forget to bring utensils for my lunch. Add in the Gotham City Rogues (the football team from the Dark Knight Rises) sweatshirt and I'd be set.

Now here's hoping I can convince Andrea to let me do some back-to-school shopping.


  1. Don't you have those exact H&M pants? And I hate Batman, so it's a no on the sweatshirt, and like you said you already have a card holder and ipad case. As far as the backpack goes, don't you have a brand new canvas bag sitting in the closet that's never been used? So basically what I'm trying to say is you can get the water bottle, notebooks, and the Hobo knife can go in our 72 hour kits. :)

  2. I might get this wallet, seems like you might like it too:

    The water bottle and sweatshirt get a thumbs up from me but I don't dig that backpack :P

  3. Well, to each his own I guess. Thanks for the link to the wallet.