Saturday, July 7, 2012

0 Daddy-Daughter Date

Andrea was up in Sandy this morning for her cousin's baby shower, so Kenzie and I made the most of our Saturday morning.

We set off on a bike ride to the park at 8:30am, where Kenzie had a blast playing on the playground. I was finally able to pry her away by telling her she might see some puppies and kitties on our ride home. Instead she fell asleep.

When we got home, she was ready for a snack, so I gave her cinnamon graham crackers and milk—her favorite. Then we went back outside to shoot some hoops on the new basketball hoop Grandma Cross bought her, draw with sidewalk chalk, and sit on the porch swing.

Our fun morning ended with Kenzie screaming because a bug flew into her eye, though once I got it out she was back to her happy self and, sweet as can be, said, “Poor thing. Thanks you, Daddy.”

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