Friday, July 15, 2011

0 the 'UP' house.

I was mesmerized by UP the moment I saw the first trailer Disney/Pixar released. Though that first trailer showed little more than a house floating through the sky suspended by thousands of balloons and left me with almost no idea of what the movie would actually be about, the film itself ended up being everything I could have hoped for -- adventure, fun characters, great concept and design -- and more. And can I just add that I absolutely love the artwork Lou Romano did for the film?

When I caught wind of the replica of Carl and Ellie's house being built out in Herriman, Utah, of all places, I had to check it out. The builders, who apparently watched the movie hundreds of times to get the details right, nailed it.

Just a couple of more UP-related tidbits:
  • Apparently flying around by way of helium-filled balloons is a real thing, called cluster ballooning. These are just people flying around, mind you, and not houses, but if the UP house itself was to be suspended by balloons...
  • It would tak105,854 spherical balloons, each three feet in diameter, to lift the house (according to Wired Science).

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