Monday, June 6, 2011

1 sunshine and endorphins.

When my 1995 Mazda broke down for the second time in the past two years, we opted to spare ourselves the expense of getting it fixed, leave it dead in its parking spot, and buy me a bike. So far, I've been really happy with the decision.

I've logged about 80 miles on my bike since purchasing it 30 days ago, which means I've saved us about $13.25 in gas (haha! I was expecting a bit more...) and burnt somewhere in the neighborhood of 6,000 calories. The real benefits for me, however, have been the time outside enjoying the nice weather and the feeling of physical and overall well-being. Thank you, sunshine and endorphins.

Now, due to the intermittent rainy weather and my failure to wake up at 5:30am on some mornings, I haven't yet reached my goal of riding my bike to work three times a week. My goal is to log 125 miles over thee next 30 days (and a total of 500 miles by the end of the summer).

Just 420 miles to go!

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  1. That's awesome, Nick! :D Anna won't let me bike to work or I'd probably try it, too. :)

    Sorry to hear the Nick-mobile is dead. :( I know a really good mechanic if you want/need one.