Tuesday, February 10, 2009

1 from naysayer to nerd.

The obsession with Harry Potter never made sense to me. I had no idea how whatever was written on the pages of a book could cause so many reasonable-seeming people to don gold and maroon scarves, be seen in public with zigzags drawn on their foreheads, or talk about characters with names such as Dumbledore and Hermione, not to mention wait in extensive lines and camp out for the release of the next 600+ page book.

Now I can't set the books down, and, if you were with me on Sunday, you might have heard me saying 'peskipiksi pesternomi' at one point. While I promise not to let it happen again, I'm positive I'll be even more wrapped up in the series by the time July 17th rolls around and the 6th movie is released.

I admit it. I have gone from naysayer to nerd.

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  1. HOORAY!!!!!!! Welcome to the better side of the reading world. :)